Thursday, February 18, 2021

How Do You Motivate Yourself During Moments of Hopelessness?

David Hennessy

Twenty years ago, David Hennessey created a personal development program called The WONDER Technique. David has presented this technique at hundreds of seminars.

David's training is in Psychology and nutrition and traveled to over twenty countries sharing the fundamental tools of personal development.

After moving to France to support his mother-in-law, his father died, his mother-in-law died, and he was in two car accidents. Then a rock climbing accident left him unable to walk for six months. He felt lost and hopeless. But he used the time to change his focus and formulated a plan to help others going through the same.

You can alter your life by altering your attitude -                                                                 Earl Nightingale

In this interview, David shares how to become resilient, rebuild your life with hope, how to live on purpose, and how to get internal motivation during moments of hopelessness.

David will help you with the following:

Get clarity on your daily focus to reduce stress

Learn how to calm your mind

Become a better communicator

Improve your ability to concentrate to increase your creativity

Improve your ability to innovate and adapt

Improve your life-long resilience and confidence to overcome adversity

Manage change and negative stress

Simplify goal setting and achievement

Be confident when you speak in public

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