Monday, August 2, 2021

How Can Past Emotional Abuse Make You a Better Person

When J'Anemtra heard those words "If you leave me, I will hunt you down and I WILL kill you," she knew something had to change - to save her life and the lives of her children.

Were you born to be a REBEL?

J’Anemtra is a strong advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence. At 40, she instantly understood that she had to start being who she was born to be; a leader, teacher, trainer, thought creator, a REBEL!

As a survivor of domestic violence, I encourage audiences to develop their own blueprint and help them to define their own daily mantra that will begin the process of Living Past Crazy! 

I am a strong advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence and speak candidly about the issues of domestic violence and abuse with emphasis on empowering individuals to continue living- because there is life after abuse! 

J'Anmetra lives by the quote “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” John Wooden 

J’Anmetra is an Amazon’s International Bestselling Author of Fearless Woman Born to Give Thanks and Transition to Freedom and four other amazing books. She has received the Author of the Year of Award for two consecutive years and has had the opportunity to share the screen with the late actor Tommy Ford in the movie The Last Time.   She is the founder of Be Fearless Inc, Waddell Consulting Services, and Bare Your Hair. She has an MBA in Healthcare Management and currently finishing her Ph.D. 

Being Fearless is the only way I want to live my life! -J'Anemtra Waddell

We spend our entire lives being what the world wants us to be - not who we were created to be. All of us were born to be great!

Never be sorry for your path in life! Never apologize for the leader, the writer, the singer, the dancer, the inventor IN you. It is OK for other people to be uncomfortable with who you are - it is not your responsibility for them to accept you!

Rebel or not, you don’t want to miss this interview with a fearless woman - J’Anemtra Waddell:

At 40 I instantly understood I had to quit being who I was and start being who I  was born to be. A leader, a teacher, a trainer, a thought creator, a  REBEL! ​​As the ONLY Live Past Crazy Specialist,  it is my philosophy and deep desire to help further those who are bound by the daily crazy of their life with a simple blueprint to begin to live past crazy. This Blueprint is designed to assist individuals in transforming their thinking from victim to survivor to overcomer – no matter how they define crazy! 

A painful past. Many of us have one. We each have something we don’t want EVERYONE to know – let alone share with the world! Well, brace yourself for this gripping, page-turning, and tell-all story. Within its pages, you will find author J’Anmetra Waddell’s unusual truth.

As a former First Lady of the church, read her horrifying story of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of the man she loved: the pastor. Learn how she put on her “best face” for the world while struggling with trying to leave her abusive husband.

Family, friends, church members, and co-workers couldn’t help her escape. She had to do it alone. She had to be FEARLESS.

"Inside of you is a resolve to survive. It is so strong that it can overpower you and make the impossible possible. Just the same, you can crush your own resolve when you doubt yourself. Let the resolve lead you. Be patient with yourself. You are changing your mindset, and it is hard. The days will sometimes be hard. There is no way around putting in the work for YOUR transition."
~ J'Anmetra Waddell

Transition to Freedom is a continuation of Author J'Anmetra Waddell's unique abuse survivor story. In her #1 Best Selling book, Fearless Woman: Born to Give Thanks, J'Anmetra transparently told her complete truth: She was abused by the man she loved and married: the Pastor. Her riveting story continues as she tells of her breakthrough...moments that landed her in jail, had her running for her life, and so much more. Today, her TRANSITION TO FREEDOM is complete...or is it?









Fortitude: The Anthology for Overcomers: A Production of the Leader's Conference

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