Wednesday, October 6, 2021

How Does Decluttering Your Life - Improve Your Life?

Clutter can be an enormous weight in all areas of your life. When you clear your clutter you can create the life you desire and share your gifts with the world. You have the wisdom within and Julie’s books on how to declutter your life show you how to access your wisdom and then create a plan of action. 

Julie Coraccio is an award-winning life, and end of life organizer; author, certified life coach; professional declutter’er and host of the podcast Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out and the Reawaken Your Brilliance channel on Paetron.

Julie Coraccio

During her interview we discussed how living in clutter affects us -- physically and emotionally, and what we can do to change that:

Does your clutter control you or do you control your clutter? Stop letting fear overwhelm you! Learn how you can declutter with Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out from Julie Coraccio and help find internal and external peace, reduce and overcome anxiety, and help eliminate the things (clutter) holding you down and back.

Julie Coraccio’s definition of clutter is this: Clutter is anything that prevents you from creating the life you choose, deserve, and desire. When you clear your emotional clutter, you can say goodbye to the things in your life like knee-jerk emotional responses. By removing clutter you can get closer to living the life you desire!


Do you speak kindly or critically to yourself? Are you always trying to control people, events, or outcomes? How supportive is the company you keep? Ready to release stress and embrace tranquility?

Say goodbye to the things in your life like unhealthy emotions that are holding you back! Get control of your emotional clutter so your clutter doesn’t control you. Reclaim time, money, sanity, and resources.

Got Clutter? 365 Journal Prompts support you in clearing your emotional clutter and minimalization of unhealthy responses to your feelings.








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  1. Thanks so much for having me on and sharing your gifts with the world with these wonderful interviews and guests! You ask fantastic questions and make it easy as a guest!

    1. You were a great guest - clear and informative. I trust this inspires everyone to CLEAR THE CLUTTER!

  2. For sure! Prompts are needed over here!
    Carol C. (aka Julieo)