Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Could You Survive Digital Detox? No Devices for Two Weeks or More?

One of the most important questions we must ask is:  are we losing the magic of in-person social interaction due to overuse of smart technology? If we compound this issue with social distancing, how will this affect the youngest and latest generation? 

Johnny Welsh has worked as a professional bartender in Frisco, Colorado, for over twenty years. After five years of university study, he earned a degree in Italian Language, Literature, and Culture which has been a great prerequisite for a lifelong career in the mixology arts. He can now recount funny bar stories in two different languages. His latest hobby is twisting these topics into books.

Could You Survive Digital Detox?

He is the author of multiple award-winning Paper Maps, No Apps: An Unplugged Travel Adventure. His first book, Weedgalized in Colorado, about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, won two awards from Readers’ Favorite.

During his interview, I asked Johnny if he had a point in his life when he felt helpless or hopeless. His answer will shock and challenge you because it is something we do every day and is affecting us more than we can imagine:

Could you survive digital detox

They lived their lives glued to their screens. Will one road trip give them the digital detox they need?

Bartender Johnny Welsh needed a break from his overstimulated life. Trying to climb out of their personal communication rut, he and his girlfriend set off on a two-week vacation to rediscover their connection. Never one to turn down a dare, he agrees to the bet of a lifetime:

They’ll see if they can power down their smartphones for the entire sixteen-day adventure.

The mayhem that followed changed their perspectives forever. But most extraordinarily, their simple but difficult flight from their handheld devices began to inspire others to do the same.

Welsh recounts the couple’s madcap journey on the open road. With their texts and notifications on pause, they were able to make deep bonds both with new friends and with each other. As you accompany them through each encounter loonier than the last, you’ll wonder how you ever got on with your technology.

Paper Maps, No Apps: An Unplugged Travel Adventure is a laugh-out-loud memoir. If you like hilarious hijinks, humbling lessons, and unforgettable interactions, then you’ll love Johnny Welsh’s analog outing.


Are you curious about the legalization of marijuana across the nation? 

You'll discover the good, the bad, and the funny in Weedgalized in Colorado.

Colorado's cannabis culture is more colorful than you imagined! Pot became legal in Colorado on January 1, 2014, and everything changed. The first three years of legalization will never be repeated and are captured here in historical humor and education.

Culture transformed, entrepreneurs descended and people couldn't stop talking about it. Specifically, in the heart of Colorado ski country, everyone was talking to professional bartender and award-winning author, Johnny Welsh.

Here are the good-humored true tales of legalization, including outrageous characters, crazy products, inventive businesses, laid-back budtenders, out-of-work drug dealers, cannabis controversies, and tourism booms and busts. 

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