Tuesday, September 5, 2023

How Do You Move Past the Pain of Life's Curve Balls?

When your life is thrown a curve ball and you lose your husband at 47 years old -- what then? What about your future? How do you cope?

Kim met tall, dark, and handsome Steve Sorrelle who proposed ten days later.  It was a love story written in the heavens. They raised five children -- life was good. 

Kim Sorrelle began journaling after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2009. Four months later, her husband Steve was told he had pancreatic cancer. Six weeks later, Kim held him as he took his last breath.

Kim is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, director of a humanitarian organization, activist, mother, grandmother, lover of all people, and.....black licorice.

Kim's story will make you laugh....and cry. She is a master at sharing life's tragedies mixed with laughter. 

Kim's entrepreneurial journey included commercial real estate, a golf course, catering, a grocery store, and more. Besides building businesses into multi-million-dollar companies, Kim is proud to have weathered the pandemic storm in the food industry, keeping staff employed, and seeing the company's sales grow beyond pre-pandemic numbers. 

Kim is the director of Rays of Hope International, a partnering organization that works with people in their country who have a passion, a vision, and a mission to help people through business plans, fundraising, sustainability, planning, supplies, and building. Working in countries like Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Burkina Faso, Rays of Hope has enjoyed relationships with hundreds of organizations that are working to help the underserved and vulnerable population. 

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"Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs"

There are so many things that we do not have control over, things that we would not ever choose: cancer, losing a spouse, tragic accidents. But we can choose how we will handle these things. Joy is a choice that anyone can make but not everyone knows how. Facing cancer, becoming a widow, and losing the future, as the author saw it, made her recognize that she had to choose a way to deal with the present.

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Engage with a love that transcends social experiments and leads to a radically transformed life

"Love is patient, love is kind, love is . . ." The words are so familiar they almost lack meaning, a Christianese version of "live, laugh, love." Even non-Christians are familiar with the Love chapter of 1 Corinthians, read at weddings, painted on decorative signs, and preached regularly from the pulpit. But what happens when these verses are taken seriously? What would it take for someone to live out the Love chapter as literally as possible?

That was the question Kim Sorrelle set out to answer during her yearlong experiment. Using 1 Corinthians 13 as a road map, she focused on one phrase at a time, seeking to understand its true meaning and how it could motivate every daily action. She also looked at the ones we do not think too deeply about: love does not boast, does not dishonor others, doesn't keep a record of wrongs, and more.

In her attempts to live the Love chapter to the letter, Kim journeyed all the way to Haiti, where she met people who both tested and displayed love to its limits. From irritating employees to sexist short-term missionaries to curse-wielding women to the profoundly kind nuns, her encounters are filled with rueful self-reflection and comical commentary, as well as a new understanding of the nuances and power of true love in action.

Kim's transformation into someone who truly loves like Jesus will challenge readers to think more deeply about how they can manifest love in their own lives and will reveal the power of Christlike devotion that is unwearied and humble, contented and forgiving. Her exploration is an incredible encounter with the filling, strengthening love of God -- a love that truly never fails.








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