Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Do You Want To Know How to Channel Your Inner Awesome?

Cam F Awesome has experienced the kind of devastation few of us ever will—he was suspended from the U.S. Olympic boxing team months before the London games. But he did not give up. In fact, he went on to create a new name and life and earn more championships than any other boxer in America. And he doesn't even like boxing.

Cam Awesome

As a kid, Cam F. Awesome was bullied but found his strength in boxing. Today Cam is known as "The Motivational Comic," a former Olympic Heavyweight and multi-time National Champion boxer with over 400 wins.  

He rose to fame after being featured in the Netflix documentary "Counter Punch," which chronicled his Olympic journey.

In his interview, Cam discusses these topics:

1. An Attitude of Gratitude

2. Channeling Your Inner Awesome

3. Building Confidence through preparation

4. If you can fail without being discouraged, success is inevitable

5. How Cam escaped bullying and became America's #1 boxer


We are honored to have Cam with us today to share his triumph over adversity.

Cam Awesome

Becoming Awesome - Making Success Inevitable

With a unique brand of humor and transparency, Cam has become a sought-after motivational speaker in both academic and business settings. Sharing scenes from his colorful life, he engages audiences and readers with some unique lessons:

·         How to come back from a catastrophe—even one that costs your dreams and   livelihood.

·         How a fool-proof equation can help you develop goals and keep focused on them.

·         Why it is vital to chase after failure rather than avoiding it.

·         Why humility may not be all it is cracked up to be.

·         How to balance the importance of having a Plan B with the motivation of desperation.

·         How to develop healthy social media habits (no, healthy and social media are not oxymorons).

·         How to be your own biggest fan!

Unlike other books that urge you to put the phone down and concentrate, your phone is a vital part of processing Cam's messages. QR codes lead to videos, news stories, and personal messages from the author, and interactive worksheets help you put his advice into practice.

So, jump in the ring and let's go twelve rounds together! It'll be Awesome.

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