Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Accept Your Past But Do Not Permit It To Define Who You Are Today

Seconde Nimenya was born and raised in Central Africa.  She immigrated to North America during the civil war in Burundi.  Her family is still in Burundi, living in a country of unrest and violence.  

Seconde's mission is to bring awareness of what is happening in her homeland.

Seconde is an author, inspirational speaker and a Leadership Advocate holds an MPA and is fluent in three languages.

In her book and on this show, Seconde shares how to accept what has happened to you without allowing it to define who you are today.  She shares how to break the generational cycle of cultural patterns that cause people to get stuck in those ruts.

She shares her secrets to empower and inspire people in a variety of venues including high schools and corporations.

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