Monday, August 31, 2015

No One Ever Said Life is Easy

Teresa Bruni had to leave her corporate job due to sudden debilitating health reasons.

Teresa Bruni is a Certified 
Professional Life Coach, an in-demand keynote speaker and co-author of An Unsinkable Soul - From Fear to Fabulous.

She is a member of International Coach Federation, Psychology Today and eWomen Network and the founder of Less Fear, More Flow.

Teresa had to leave her corporate job.  Her new career became one of visiting doctors to regain her health.  She was extremely ill for over ten years until she realized she needed to turn within herself to find her own answers --- which she did.  She shares how unresolved emotional issues cause a breakdown of the physical body leading to chronic illnesses - from heartburn to cancer.

The best doctors in the world will be unable to cure you with surgeries and pills if you don't clean up your emotions.

Now she is a vibrant full-time professional sharing her discovery of health and self-awareness.

You can buy her book here - a collection of 22 inspiring authors who have overcome some of iife's greatest challenges and offer a road map of hope.

For some, struggle becomes their life story due to a sense of powerlessness in overcoming any number of hardships.

Teresa has offered a complimentary session to anyone who has listened to her broadcast by clicking here.

Listen to her inspiring story here:

You may contact Teresa here:

Twitter: @TeresaBruni

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