Saturday, November 14, 2015

Be Active, Be Social, Be Engaged, Be Purposeful, and Be Complicated

Ruth Curran drew on her experience successfully overcoming a traumatic brain injury to become an expert on maximizing brain function through lifestyle modification and "turning up the noise on life." She shares her insights and proven techniques for amplifying everyday experiences in Being Brain Healthy.

Curran has a master's degree in cognitive psychology as well as more than 28 years of experience as a strategist, business development executive, and organizational behaviorist. 

Curran is passionate about the connection between the brain and daily functioning and believes everyone—regardless of age or stage of life—has the ability to use neuroplasticity to live a richer, deeper, more fully engaged life. She has created a series of photo-based thinking puzzles, games, and apps that help players work on cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, and executive functioning.
"What can you do EACH moment to make your life worth living?  Complicate your thinking and AMPLIFY your life!"

For insights and proven techniques for amplifying everyday experiences go to her blogs:

 Being Brain Healthy

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Ruth claims that it is more likely each of us knows more people with brain injury than cancer.  Think about it -- chemo brain, stroke, pain syndrome...... they affect our thought processes.

I GUARANTEE that Ruth's interview will challenge and excite you -- and instruct you on how to improve your brain health:

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