Saturday, November 21, 2015

Flat and Fabulous - After the Mastectomy

Chris Tryon is an author, motivational speaker and cancer survivor.  Her book, Dear Sister, Today is..., is her personal journey through the various stages of breast cancer including valuable lessons she learned.  In her interview and her book she wishes to share these insights resulting from her research, to empower her sisters who may be going through similar circumstances.

Most women are not aware they have a choice.  Most women are not aware the complications that can happen as a result of reconstructive surgery. Most women are not aware of the discomfort and agony this surgery can inflict.

Chris' message is to these women, all women!

In quoting Nicolas Cage, the actor:

"If a guy only wants you for your breasts, thighs, and legs.....send him to KFC. You are a lady, not a cheap value meal!"
 Using the Toastmasters and Facebook platforms, Chris is on a campaign to get the message out to women of all ages.  "You have a choice!"   

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Listen to Chris' insight and valuable advice regarding reconstructive breast surgery

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