Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dream, Believe, Take Action

Petra Monaco, Never Ever Give Up Hope
Petra Monaco is a survivor.  She endured abuse and extreme trauma which made her the strong woman she is today.  She is an author of two memoirs -  Betrayal:  The Journey - Childhood Memories and the Adult Awakening and Lennon Steps.

In foster care since she was two years old, she repeatedly survived rejection and learned how to forgive.

When her four-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called urea cycle disorder, it created chaos in his little body.  As a mom, she had to make the decision to save his life with organ transplantation -- THREE times!  

No parent should have to watch their child suffer to this extreme.  But Petra chose to have a positive attitude no matter what!  She is an encourager and motivator and you do not want to miss her interview.

Through her blog posts and coaching, she can help you set boundaries in your life while making it feel like an act of love to self.  Her interview is insightful, candid and compassionate.  For those of you who crave FREEDOM, she will help you realize your dreams.

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Lennon Steps 

Lennon steps are similar to baby steps, except that these are infused with spunk and spirit in Lennon who sneezed himself into the world. At the age of four, Lennon was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. As the disorder created chaos in his body, his parents made the decision to save his life with organ transplantation. The world rallied around him through his recovery that he made in his own terms, Lennon Steps.

About a girl born and neglected and raised in the foster care system surviving her personal demons and abuse

Petra's compelling and stimulating interview:

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Social Media Creative Manager http:/www.unusualbits.com
Artist - The Art of Handmade http://www.hippiescreations.com 

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