Monday, December 28, 2015

I'm Not Stupid, Just Disabled -- How Society Sees Disabled People

Wolfgang Wolf
Wolfgang Wolf was a freelance copywriter and co-founder of Ogilvy and Mather Direct as well as their Creative Director. 

In 1990, his life made a sharp turn.  He suffered a major stroke and should not have survived.  He shocked the doctors when not only did he survive but was able to do things they said he would never do again; walk, talk, and take care of himself. 

Since his stroke, he has founded a registered charity, got a Bachelors degree majoring in Counseling and is a guest lecturer.

His book, How to Survive (After) a Stroke, is NOT a book of rehabilitation techniques and medical advice.  Rather, it gives invaluable support by sharing stories of numerous stroke survivors about isolation, loneliness, stigma, fear, disability and pain. It is a book that addresses coping skills to move past these negatives.

He is an active blogger and would love to connect with you - especially if you have
had a stroke or know anyone who has.  He will offer advice and support.

      Wolfgang's book:  

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"Very interesting first-hand insight into the world of strokes.  Invaluable information that has extended my personal understanding and will influence my nursing care in the future.  Whilst Wolfgang provided examples from his own experience, he also had extensive academic knowledge about strokes, which will help as far as the theory side of this course is concerned."  Bachelor of Nursing student

And here is a special Christmas story:  THE RED AND BLUE BASEBALL CAP

Enjoy listening to Wolfgang share his story of never giving up -- but pressing forward to make a new life for himself.

Wolfgang's contact information: Motivational and conference speaker   The Stroke Mentor  Computers for the Isolated/Disabled  Why would anyone go from a walker to a wheelchair?

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