Thursday, May 19, 2016

Struggling With Family Secrets and Broken Relationships?

Martha Ashwell
Martha Ashwell worked as a childcare officer, administrator and support tutor in university education and a counselor.  She is also a member of the long-established writer's group, Manchester Irish Writers.

Her memoir, Celia's Secret: A Journey towards Reconciliation, helped her to analyze and evaluate her life experiences to work through a process of reconciliation.  Broken relationships.

Her story shares the impact family secrets can have on your life.

Are you struggling with the dynamics of a family secret or with broken relationships?

Martha's memoir is full of memorable quotes but the one that sums up the book is Voltaire's, "Love trust and pardon error."

Celia's Secret

Never give up hope of reconciliation. 

If you are determined to resolve a broken relationship, it is possible to move through a process of reconciliation and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done everything that is humanly possible to heal the relationship. The process involves: reflecting, analyzing, understanding and forgiving. For Martha, as a Christian, it also involves God’s loving hand in the process. We can have a profound love for one another despite great pain and loss.

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Listen to her stimulating interview about a subject many may not want to discuss but it is necessary 

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