Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Will to Live - A Daughter's Story

Author Darcy Leech was born to Jo Lyn Bartz, who genetically carried myotonic muscular dystrophy. Darcy's brother, Dustin, was born with the same disease. He had a high enough frequency of protein repeat mutations that of his thirteen years of life, every day defied prior medical knowledge! 
He lived far beyond what anyone expected.  Darcy shares how inner strength, a strong love of family and God sustained him.

Darcy's mother lived ten years after Dustin passed and Jo Lyn was the strongest woman Darcy ever will meet. The life lessons she taught Darcy will be passed on to future generations.  This story will touch your soul.

Her memoir, From My Mother, is a moving narration of loss and the deep resilience of the human spirit as the body weakens.

Although a cure looks promising, more funding is needed. If you would like to donate please click here  to help stop this life-threatening disease. 

From My Mother

Riveting, soulful, and courageously told, From My Mother is a meditation on grief, family, genetic disease and also a deeply personal account of the narrator’s coming-of-age amid medical crisis and tragedy to carry on the lessons from her mother to raise her young son. A story of loss, From My Mother is full of life, a story of beginnings as much as endings, a moving book that transforms suffering into art and inspiration. 

Here is Darcy's interview that I guarantee you will not soon forget - click on the ARROW to hear:

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