Saturday, August 20, 2016

Get Back on the Hope Track - Be Kind to Yourself

Joyce Ross
Joyce Ross, author, editor, and keynote speaker is a co-founder of Kindness Is Key, Training and Publishing Inc., the home of Heartmind Wisdom Inspirational Anthology Collection.  

Joyce is a recovering gambling addict who lost over $300,000, her home, and her self-respect. Her story is compelling and revealing as she offers help to those who may have a similar problem -- or know someone who does.

In her interview, Joyce shares not only the indicators to determine that there could be a problem but also some solutions.

Joyce states that "Gambling is a global problem.  Depending on the country, it can range from 1 in 500 people in Norway to as high as 1 in 20 people in Hong Kong.  In Canada, the United States, and Australia, one percent of the population are considered to be pathological gamblers and one to two percent as problem gamblers."

In Heartmind Wisdom #3, Joyce discusses "Taming Shame and Blame," which are two natural human responses that are hope robbers.

Different from other types of addicts, gambling addiction is a result of chemical changes in the brain, and can be physiologically out of control.  Dopamine is the feel-good body chemical that creates the high most addicts seek and the same high a gambler feels when they have a big win.  As time passes, the addict craves the 'higher' high or a bigger win.

Words to live by:
 If you never try it, you can never become addicted to it!  

In her interview, Joy explains the NECESSITY to "Be Kind to Yourself." Stop beating yourself up.  Get back on the Hope track.  

She shares numerous helpful tips for anyone with any type of addiction. You won't want to miss a minute of this interview:

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