Thursday, September 1, 2016

How to See With Your Heart

Janet Perez Eckles is an author, international speaker, radio host, life coach and the founder of JC Empowerment. As a blind woman, she is the last person you would expect to see dancing but she teaches thousands of people how to celebrate life.

She lost her eyesight at 31, her son was murdered and the man who committed the crime was acquitted.  In the midst of these traumas, she also had to cope with infidelity in her marriage.  Yet, she discovered how to turn a life of tragedy into a life of triumph.

Not only does Janet dance the Salsa but she has a You Tube COOKING show.  She does not believe in limiting ourselves - but to be strong and courageous and face every challenge in spite of adversities.

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Listen to her story of pain, courage, fear and triumph here:

Contagious Courage brings an easy and fast, yet powerful path to the transformation from fear to courage.  Click here:    

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Trials of Today, Treasures for Tomorrow is Janet's Memoir  -click here
Whether you have been faced with blindness, cancer, depression, fear, loneliness, or the pain of losing a child, Jan invites you to walk with her down the path to complete healing, peace, serenity, and incredible success.

You Tube - Cooking in the Dark

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