Tuesday, September 13, 2016

You Can Get Out of that Rut Dragging You Down

Julie Ann Sullivan is known as a revolutionary and works with organizations that want to establish a workplace environment where people are productive, engaged and appreciated.

Julie Ann is an ATTITUDE ENHANCER, a speaker, trainer, and leadership coach.  She is the founder of Learning Never Ends, whose purpose is to create a more positive culture, one....person....at a time.

Her podcast, Mere Mortals Unite, explains that each one of us mere mortals has a super power.  It is fun, enlightening, and motivating as was her interview here. 

During her interview, Julie Ann made valid points that each one of us can use to change our attitude and.....our life. 

  • How to live with perseverance and patience 
  • Do you recognize it when you are in a hole?
  • How to get out of the rut that is dragging you down
  • Are you a cockeyed optimist?

Laugh with her and be encouraged to break out of that hole getting you down.  Click on the arrow below to enjoy what Julie Ann has to share:

Julie Ann's unique gratitude journal would make a wonderful gift for yourself or anyone you know.  Each page will make you aware of what we should be grateful for and stimulate us to change our attitude. 

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