Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happiness is Not Something You Chase, It is Something You Can Create

Tara Massan is a life coach and a writer who has been featured in LifeHack, Womanitely, HER magazine, Huffington Post, Elite Daily and featured in the Wall Street Journal.  

Tara created "Be Moved" because she knows what it is like to live with negativity and no direction in life; to feel lost and powerless to do anything about changing that.

Since launching Be Moved in December of 2015, I’ve personally connected with hundreds of readers, and I’ve realized this is something that many of us have in common:  we allow negativity and limiting beliefs about the past, present and future limit our potential and happiness in the present.
And even though we want our lives to change for the better, we don’t how to live a life that doesn’t revolve around our former limiting beliefs.  So instead, we keep living with the same limiting beliefs and allowing negativity in our lives – the end result is living a life rooted in pain.
The great news is that we are in charge of what happens next.  We are in charge of our beliefs, how we interact with negative situations, and how we live today as a result.
OVERWHELMED with negativity in your life…
DISAPPOINTED in yourself 
LOST because life isn’t going as you imagined it would go…
…then you’re in the right place. We all feel these things at some point in our lives.  However, you are in charge of what happens next.

Tara has developed a 4-week email course that blends self-help and action that will help you eliminate negativity in your life, to feel inspired and more fulfilled in the present, and create a life you desire.  Click here to check it out

You will enjoy this motivating, soul-searching interview - just click the arrow below:

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