Saturday, December 31, 2016

What You Do May Fail - but YOU Did Not Fail

Damon DaRil Nailer is a multi-talented inspirational communicator, speaker, music producer, songwriter, recording artist, author and business owner.

He has conducted over 250 speaking engagements and performances, produced six musical projects, written two inspirational books, and one nonfiction book. He has been featured on TV shows, podcasts, radio shows, newspapers, magazines, and various online publications.

In Damon's words:  

You Are Not Responsible for Results - 
You Are Responsible for Taking Action 

Do you wonder what your dominant gift is?  Ask yourself these questions:

1)  What am I skilled at?
2)  What do I like doing?
3)  What do I do so others can receive satisfaction?
4)  If I didn't get paid for it, would I still receive satisfaction?

This is one interview you do not want to miss -- it will inspire and encourage you to accomplish the great things you want to do:

Check out Damon's music here:

Paradise Video
Rebound song

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Damon's latest book, A Greater Taste of Success, contains 50 proverbial statements and experiential information that provide wisdom and insight into relationships, leadership, positive thinking, destiny, and much more.

His G3 Workshop/Webinar enables individuals to discover their "dominant" gift and he wants to help YOU!  Click HERE

The G3 Journey is a dynamic coaching program which supplies extensive information regarding identifying your dominant gift and fulfilling your destiny. In addition, it provides specific, actionable steps enabling you to unlock your gift, receive some glamor and obtain the gold.  It is composed of three modules: discovery, matchmaking, and development.  Each module contains profound facts, intriguing questions, and an answer key.  You are guaranteed to receive tremendous insight concerning your "dominant gift" and destiny from The G3 Journey.

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