Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to Recognize an Abused Child

Lisa Gray is a licensed mental health counselor, minister, author, and speaker. She travels extensively speaking at women's conferences, jails, and seminars to bring awareness to the complex and emotional topic of sexual abuse.

"They Don't Tell - Child Abuse:  A Mother's Perspective" is her powerful book especially for mothers who have to deal with the pain, hurt, shame, and guilt that comes with discovering that their child had been sexually abused.

"Mom, if I had something to tell you, would you be a mom or would you be a friend?" Those words are forever etched into Lisa's mind when her 16-year-old daughter finally told Lisa that her stepfather had been sexually abusing her since she was in the third grade.

This is the day Lisa's life changed forever and began a process of dealing with the shock, pain, guilt and shame surrounding the abuse.  She is passionate about bringing this awareness to parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone who works with children whose innocence was stolen.  She is an advocate for these women and to help bring the abusers to justice.

Listen to Lisa's compelling story and be made acutely aware of the signs of sexual abuse.  It touches all of us:

In 2016 Lisa released They Don’t Tell (Child Abuse: A Mother’s Perspective), a powerful and emotive book about her experience as a mother of a survivor of sexual abuse.
In her heartbreakingly honest account, Lisa charts how she dealt with the horrifying revelations as they unfolded and what kept her focused as she supported her daughter through the difficult journey of finally exposing the trauma she had been hiding for many years. 

You can connect with Lisa here to share your story


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