Wednesday, March 29, 2017

From Fear to Love - Your Inner Journey Home

Belinda BennettsBelinda Bennetts is a passionate author and inspirational coach who helps others overcome their self-constructed limitations.

Belinda was born in Zimbabwe. In 2001 she moved to New Zealand because of the political unrest in her home country and in 2014 to Ireland where she now resides with her little daughter.

Belinda’s life changed when she discovered that the only person holding her back from realizing her dreams was herself.  She realized she was, in fact, NOT broken and broke free from depression and suicidal thoughts.

Through life-changing meetings, empowering books and a desire to remove the blockages of the past Belinda emerged as a strong woman who is now helping people on their journey from fear to love.

She is passionate about helping people suffering from stress, depression and anxiety disorders.

Belinda Bennetts
‘Fear to Love — An Inner Journey Home,’ is a warm, truthful and emotional account of one woman’s voyage back to life and living.

“I didn’t think I could survive this last insult, this last disaster. On top of everything I’d experienced in my thirty-something years, this one was the worst.

“I couldn’t go on. Life held nothing for me anymore. I’d been through devastating personal loss: my father, my grandfather, my beloved Granny Gaga, my home, my country, what else was there to lose, only my life. And the razor blade nearly did it.

Tormented through anorexia, trying so hard to be what everyone wanted me to be, threw me into alcoholism and finally: the husband I loved more than life itself – unfaithful. Was suicide really the only way out?”

No! From the depths of despair Belinda clawed her way out, not only to surface a healthier woman but more importantly, the woman she was always meant to be: whole, in touch with her inner self, her guiding light, her knowing, and her unshakeable belief that only through love can you conquer fear and understand that nothing owns you — but you.


You will be inspired when you listen how Belinda turned her life into a positive one.  She offers help to anyone who needs to be encouraged:

You can connect with Belinda here:

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