Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wouldn't You Love to Know How to Better Communicate with Your Family?

Janet Bonnin of Fine-Tuned Families is an Accredited Life Coach and Parenting Educator.  Among her many credits, she is the creator of The Fine-Tuned Family Cycle and has a growing YouTube Audio and Video Podcast Series called “Wise Parents, Wise Kids.

Since 2001, Janet has helped busy parents reduce stress and discord, and achieve more peaceful, happy and thriving family lives. She helps parents focus on what matters most, and coaches them on closing gaps between where they are AND where they want to be.  

Janet shared several tips regarding communication within our families.  One of them is to create a code word for "help."  It is a word that your kids can use to let you know they need you - NOW. Dropping everything and helping them when they need it speaks volumes to them - it gives them the security they need knowing that you are there for them.  

You won't want to miss Janet's compelling interview and also to hear her story of her son.  He was in a near fatal car accident and through sheer determination was able to recover remarkedly well.  This was a pivotal time in Janet's life when she realized how important communication was and how she could help other families through times of extreme stress.  

Today’s families are facing more obstacles than ever before. We deal with challenges not just from friends, loved ones, and our peers, but also from television, radio, the Internet and social media. Daily, our children face serious problems and our marriages have their foundations questioned.

Discover How to Transform Your Family into One That is:

Stronger, More Loving and Nurturing
Practical, Effective Parenting Help

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