Wednesday, August 23, 2017

You Can Eat Your Way Out of Depression

Annette Reeder
A uniquely qualified professional speaker and consultant, AnnetteReeder is a Nutritionist and graduate of Biblical Studies.  She founded Designed Healthy Living, Design Publishing and now Flavor of Grace Ministry.

Annette is the author of six books including Treasure of Health Nutrition Manual, Healthy Treasures Cookbook, and Baking with Whole Grain Goodness.

In her interview, Annette shared how many people live two lives.  They eat one way in front of others and then eat in secret and feel guilty.  This roller coaster can cause depression and extreme anxiety.  When you think of yourself as depressed, stressed, TIRED, or 'fat', it creates an unhealthy picture of yourself -- but that can be changed!

After years of dealing with the guilt, shame and being overweight, Annette hit bottom.  She had to make some changes as she was of little value to her family as her health was rapidly declining.  She took control and now can help others in the same vicious cycle.

If you want to feel better, have a better sense of well-being and get healthy, don't miss any part of Annette's interview:

Annette is the author of six books - each one is a treasure of tips, recipes, and helps to a better quality life.



Nutrition Manual


Healthy Living

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