Sunday, September 17, 2017

Do You Have a Problem? You Just Need to Find a Solution

Gloria Raynor

Gloria Raynor is a woman with a heart full of compassion to reach hurting hearts. She understands her mission which is reaching out to people who are broken, sick or abandoned. 

Gloria Raynor, of Hearting Hearts, reaches out through the visionary eyes of God’s mandate to bring healing to broken hearts.  Her passion is to see people healed, delivered, and set free from their bondages. It is her heart’s desire that through the ministry, Hurting Heart this Hour, men and women who are an emotional disaster or have physical or emotional disabilities will receive healing and start living again.

She is presently working on a book entitled the Bad Boys and Girls of the Bible and also Virtuous Women, which is a poetry and devotional inspirational book.

You will enjoy her interview where she shares stepping stones to help change your attitude about yourself and began building a more positive you.  She also shares what to do about negative energy that may be controlling your life.

Refuse to accept someone's 
negative view of who you are!

Gloria's interview will lift your spirit:

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