Monday, September 11, 2017

What is the Difference Between a Rich Man and a Poor Man?

Stephen Scoggins has been referred to as an empowering communicator who educates audiences on how to heal from their past, grow where they are planted, then goes out to help others do the same.  

Coming from a broken home led him into a life full of failures and disappointments.  With minimal income coming in for his family, he was forced to drop out of high school and go to work -- just to keep the electricity turned on.  Roaches and Ramen noodles were Stephen's family's normal R & R time.

After training for a year for the U. S. military only to be rejected by circumstances never foreseen, he hit bottom.  Taking off his shoes, climbing over the railing of an overpass, he attempted to do a nosedive into oncoming rush hour traffic. But at the last moment, he made a phone call to someone who spoke 11 words to him that changed his life forever.

As a homeless man, dumpster diving for food, Stephen birthed a business, Custom Home Interiors, which is now a multi-million dollar company, located in multiple states employing over 400 team members.

So.....What is the Difference Between a Rich Man and a Poor Man?  
The way he thinks

Stephen also states:  There is no such thing as failure -- only learning.

As a renowned speaker,  Stephen's dynamic 'edge of your seat' delivery has given him the honor to share this incredible message of hope with organizations such as:

The United States Air Force
USO of North Carolina
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Step Up Ministries
WNCN News Station (NBC Affiliate)
A variety of podcasts, shows, and business associations

Stephen is a member of the John Maxwell Coaching team and a recipient of Dave Ramsey's 'Momentum Theorem' award.

As you listen to Stephen's interview, I guarantee you will be sitting on the edge of your seat and will definitely want/need to listen to this podcast more than once. What Stephen offers can change your life forever -- share it with anyone who is looking for a transformation to a better life.

In his interview, Stephen shares many tidbits of knowledge and experience that will encourage you tremendously. 

That same 11-word phrase also led Stephen to write his first book the Journey Principles: 10 Simple Principles for a Life Journey that Matters. From the pages of the book and the depths of Stephen’s heart for helping people, the Journey Principles Institute was birthed. 


The Journey Principles: 10 Simple Principles for a Life Journey that Matters was the catalyst to what is today the Journey Principles Institute. In the book, readers discover ten proven principles to live by to reach the life they are desperately seeking. I’m a man of faith so readers will see both a Faith View and a World View because I respect and welcome all readers who may or may not believe the way I believe. 

The business which followed the book is the Journey Principles Institute where we are relentlessly dedicated to helping people go from stuck to thriving. We do this through the methods of understanding the Eight Pillars of Life, the G.R.O.W. theology, and much more on our website, our live events Transform U Live, our online school Transform U Online, my keynote speeches, and full immersion life strategy coaching. 


Everything you experience within the Journey Principles Institute from live events like Transform U Live, its online school Transform U Online for personal growth, social media encouragements, the JP Radio Show, and so much more is a product from a team relentlessly dedicated to you and Stephen Scoggins '20 plus years' experience in the trenches of life. Stephen is not only dedicated to you, but he’s also dedicated to those you encounter later after spending time with the Journey Principles Institute. Stephen is a devoted husband to Karen, father to their two boys Tyler and Justin, and most importantly a complete follower of God and His never failing principles.

Transform U Online is an online personal enhancement platform where subscribers have the tools to overcome, grow, and thrive right at their fingertips at any given time of their choice.

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