Wednesday, November 22, 2017

There is Always Hope -- You are Worthy and Valuable

Charlana Kelly
Charlana Kelly is an author of numerous articles and three books, “You are Not Here by Accident,”  “Reaching Out with a Message of Hope” and “In Search of the King's Court.”  Charlana's accomplishments are numerous; entrepreneur, pastor, community ministry leader, Podcast Host and CEO of SpeakTruth Media Group LLC. 

At the age of six, Charlana found out that she was adopted which sent her into a downward spiral into her teens and beyond.  During her interview, she delves into this subject and how it can affect kids.  

Charlana learned many truths on her journey such as:

What we expect to come to pass.....will

There is always hope -- you are worthy and valuable

Hopelessness is losing your expectation of good

In her interview, she explains how to find your TRUE IDENTITY and how that can change your life.  She learned this truth after she grasped the truth about her adoption.  

Charlana's question to you is -- Do you have a greater purpose than what you are living today?  If so, you are not alone.  You are part of a fierce army of ordinary people created to do extraordinary things.  There is MORE to you than you can imagine.

Listen to her interview here:

Charlana Kelly's book, "You are Not Here by Accident" will help you realize your purpose

You are not here by accident

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