Thursday, November 30, 2017

How Would You React if Your Son said "Mom, I'm a Girl"

Judy Glenney
Judy Glenney is an author, speaker and a mover and shaker.  She wanted to compete in weight lifting but quickly realized there were no categories for women to compete.  Through a long process she started the competition sport for women nationally, then internationally, then into the Olympics.

She has won several championships, both nationally and internationally.  

As a late in life mom, she had only one son whose life was cut short by suicide at the age of nineteen.

Judy's story of her son's life will grab you from the beginning of her interview as it is about the very timely and sensitive issue of transgenderism.  

She openly revealed her emotions and frustrations both before and after her son's death.  She shares how she reacted to her son's wishes to become a girl to the guilt she encountered when he died.  

Judy shares how the public school agenda is too quick to embrace the transition for young children 

Listen to her interview to gain new insight 
into the world of kids and transgenderism

How Would You React if Your Son said "Mom, I'm a Girl"
Mom, I'm a Girl is a compelling account of this mother's struggle and pain surrounding her son's choice to transgender.  It is well written and captivating.  Judy and her husband waited many years before they had their first, and only child.  But their joy turned into stress, heart ache, and frustration, with only a thread of hope as they tried to understand their young son's choice.

After years of struggling to work through this, these parents had to then deal with their son's death.  I guarantee you will not be able to put this book down as Judy pulls you into her story of love and hope.

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