Sunday, July 29, 2018

Is it Possible to Live Your Dream Life?

Andelina Tancioco
You could be enjoying this life

Adelina Tancioco is a certified coach and inspirational speaker who specializes in supporting women to stop living a life on auto-pilot and create richer and more fulfilling lives.

Adelina would love to help you to live that life through a 4-Step System she offers:

1. Blueprint a clear vision of your life and test that vision with a 5-point system.
2. Bridge where you are now to where you would love to be through be-friending
    your fear, increasing your sense of deserving, welcoming a greater flow of abundance          and evolving your perceptions.
3. Build a strong foundation by learning how to turn failure into a stepping stone.
4. Become the person who is already living that dream life and begin to harvest your
    dream life and more importantly your dream self!

                                          A Design Your Dream session

● Gain a clear vision for a life you would love!
● Know what is exactly holding you back
● Leave with tangible next steps towards your vision!

This session is valued at $500 and there’s usually an application process but for those of you who listened to this interview, I would love to gift this to you!

You will be inspired when you listen to Adelina's interview:



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