Sunday, August 12, 2018

Your Obstacles Do NOT Define Your Outcome!

Married my mom - birthed a dog
Your public image can be quite different than your reality

For over 10 years Allison Graham has shown professionals how to grow their top line revenue and build profitable relationships.  Her bestselling book, From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Profitable Networking & Personal Branding Made Easy is the foundation for her original work. 

She’s been featured as an authority on sales and networking in the media and has worked with some of North America’s most influential brands. Each week, she is invited to share the Business Lessons from the Big Business Headlines on Global News 980 CFPL.

Behind the Scenes

Allison has been dealt a series of difficult blows that magnify the collision between home and work. Her struggles with chronic pain, grief and the internal messenger of B.S. have earned her the moniker, Resiliency Ninja. In her latest book, Married My Mom, Birthed a Dog: How to Be Resilient When Life Sucks! Allison makes people feel less alone in their struggles and gives them tools to bounce forward and succeed, no matter what challenges and unwanted change blow their way.
Allison Graham

Do you want to become a Resiliency Ninja?
If you’re going through tough times and feel like your life sucks, then you need to read this book! 

After surviving and flourishing during her decade of hell, Allison Graham has become a master at bouncing back in the face of stress, obstacles and adversity. 

In her third book, she pulls back the curtain on her private struggles with chronic pain, grief, surgeries, and injuries, as well as the mental, emotional and financial turmoil that compounded life’s challenges. This book is meant to open an authentic conversation about the invisible game of life-sized Whack-A-Mole we all play, swatting down one problem just in time for another to erupt.

Allison illustrates her insights by sharing the best and worst stories through her journey. She speaks aloud the words from the harshest critic of all, the Internal Messenger of B.S., to encourage you to release guilt, judgment, and comparisons that cause self-sabotage and keep you stuck. Allison’s candid account of her biggest mistakes and how she persevered will make you feel less alone in your struggles. You’ll acquire coping skills, build confidence and find blessings amidst the harshest circumstances to create a joyful, fulfilled life no matter what the proverbial fan blows your way. 

Among Allison’s greatest resources during it all was the unconditional love and support from her mom, who moved to the city to help her when doctors recommended she consider going on disability, and the loyal companionship of her dog Winston C. So, grab a drink, a comfy spot to read and get ready to power through your troubles and emerge as a Resiliency Ninja!

Allison's interview will motivate, inspire, and make you wake up to new possibilities:

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