Thursday, March 4, 2021

How Do Military Wives and Mothers Cope as a 'Single' Parent?

Military moms often need to fill the role of both mother and father to their children. During Hurricane Andrew, Karen Whiting's home was destroyed while her husband was serving overseas.

Karen is no stranger to dealing with trauma. Her eleven-year-old son had a headache that lasted for over eleven years. 

In 2009, her husband saw a doctor regarding a lump in his breast. It was dismissed and the doctor told him to return in a year. By then, it was too late as he had stage four breast cancer. He had the BRAC2 cancer gene as did his two sisters who both survived breast cancer. Karen's husband did not survive. About 2,650 new cases in men are diagnosed each year.

As an award-winning author of twenty-six books, writing and marketing coach, international speaker, and mother of five, Karen writes to help build tomorrow's wholesome families today.

Karen's story as a 'single' parent during the years her husband was stationed overseas, will brings tears and laughter. But more on how to survive and thrive as a mother during tough times:

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