Saturday, March 6, 2021

Do You Know How to Live Without the Pain of Regret?


Would you like to escape your soul-sucking job and have the FREEDOM of being your own boss? Would you like to live life without asking for permission? 

Rachel Smets is a Clarity Coach, two-time TEDx speaker, an Author, YouTuber and online course creator.

Do You Know How to live Without the Pain of Regret?
"If you do nothing...
Nothing will change!"

As a young girl right into adulthood Rachel lacked confidence, felt bad about herself and her appearance; she believed she was not good enough. And then she experienced burnout and everything changed.

Rachel was driven by the question, "What if I had done it? What if I had done what I really wanted?" She did not want to live life with the pain of regret.

"What you think - You can create"

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Awaken YOUR Confidence

Do you know how to live without the Pain of Regret

Do you feel stuck? Feel like your life will never change? Ask yourself the same questions over and over again without getting answers? Do you feel trapped, confused, stressed and frustrated?

You’re not alone

Is it possible to become more confident? Stop feeling overwhelmed and start finding purpose and enjoyment in life? Is it really possible to pull yourself out of this low confidence cycle?

Yes! It’s absolutely possible

Learn how to awaken your confidence and transform your life to get what you want. 

The most powerful hacks in this book are:

• Take action and keep moving forward. 

• Face your fears. Expect and overcome obstacles.

• Failure is feedback. Learn from it.

• Live in the present. Don’t get stuck in your past.

• Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.

Don’t compare yourself with others. You are unique.

• Learn to accept yourself for who you are.

• Take control of your life. 

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Live Abroad Successfully

Live Abroad Successfully

Do you wish you could live abroad? Where would you go? What would you do once you got there? Whether your dream is to escape your current life, become a globetrotter, explore new career paths or just enjoy life elsewhere, this book is for you.

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