Wednesday, July 14, 2021

How Much Time Do You Spend Stressing Over Your Career?


Do you want to enjoy happiness and success at work? Do you want to enjoy yourself while building your confidence and REACHING your goals?

Terry McDougall has helped thousands of high-achieving professionals just like you break through the blocks, regain their energy and enjoy their careers again!

Terry can help you enjoy more success and satisfaction in your current employment OR find your next opportunity in a new career.

Being smart or hard-working isn't enough. In her interview, Terry shows us how to take control of our professional destiny and start enjoying it. 

If you are not currently satisfied in your career, it could be because you are playing by the wrong rules.
Terry can customize a coaching program structured for your success. Here are five steps she will guide you through:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Create your roadmap     
  • Upgrade your skills
  • Enhance your environment
  • Maintain your mindset             

Winning the game of work

You can be happier and more successful when you learn to play the game of work. If you're not currently satisfied in your career, it could be because you're playing by the wrong rules.

In Winning the Game of Work, Terry Boyle McDougall shares the rules she learned from wise mentors and coaches, as well as the lessons she learned the hard way. She entered the workplace as an ambitious “go-getter” and was confused about why she wasn't advancing at the pace she expected. She learned that being smart and working hard aren't enough. The reward for developing a strategy for the game of work is success and happiness with less stress and duress.

This book will help you:  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

* Get recognized for your value on the job
* Develop and appreciate your unique “superpowers" at work
* Cope with a bad boss without burning out or getting fired
* Get the promotion you deserve
* Deliver more impact on the job with some simple hacks
* And more...

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