Saturday, July 3, 2021

How to Turn Hopelessness to Hope and Be Successful No Matter What

Lafiro Gomez is a hemiplegic who fulfilled his dream of becoming a full-time author no matter what happened.

As a young man, Lafiro suffered a major stroke which nearly killed him and left him paralyzed. He survived that only to nearly die again due to a large ulcer. Yet, he survived but had to have his right leg amputated.

How to Turn Hopelessness to Hope and Be Successful no matter what

You don't want to miss Lafiro Gomez's story of survival and never giving up - no matter what. Here is his story of hopelessness turned to hope and success:


Meghan, a fourteen year old girl, arrives on Parachute Island, a place for deceased children who can live out their dreams in the afterlife, thanks to a magical Wishing Tree. 

But, Meghan harbors a secret, one that eats her up inside.
David is the only adult on the Island, and sole caretaker of all the children. 

Together, David and Meghan embark on a journey that takes them through family, friendship, faith, love, life, and death.

Parachute Island is a fantasy fiction novel for young adults about showing the world that maybe children know best, and that love and peace overcome all issues.

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Alfred is a college freshman who’s felt he never belonged. Bullied all throughout school, it’s no wonder when he goes missing and presumed to have killed himself. Mourned by four friends who grew up with him, one year later, they open a mysterious package that was left for them.

The Valiants combines Western mythology, classic rock, pop cultural references, and a form of Early Modern English in an action-packed novel full of adventure, romance, and wit.

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