Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Negative Emotions Help to Drive Cancer and Positive Emotions Promote Healing

Ginny Brant’s cancer diagnosis sent her on a quest to discover what caused a health nut to contract a deadly and aggressive form of breast cancer. What she found may surprise and inspire you.

Ginny Dent Brant is a speaker and writer who grew up in the halls of power of Washington D.C. She has served as a counselor, educator, wellness advocate, and adjunct professor. 

She served as a trustee of the Baptist International Mission Board for eight years, and she and her husband participated in mission work in Yemen, Gaza, the Czech Republic, Russia, China, and Romania.
In her interview, Ginny shares her cancer story and what you can do to prevent it and also how to heal after a diagnosis

Brant’s award-winning book, “Finding True Freedom: From the White House to the World,” was endorsed by the late Chuck Colson.

Whether you’re determined to prevent this deadly disease, survive it, or prevent its recurrence, this book pulls back the curtain on cancer and answers the question “What can I do to help my doctor beat this disease?” She challenges you to change what your doctor has no control over—your lifestyle and health habits. 

Brant connects the dots between nutrition, lifestyle, integrative and conventional medicine, and biblical wisdom to reveal how your body was created with self-healing mechanisms that work optimally when you do your part.

By implementing a few lifestyle changes, you can begin building your immune system while lowering your toxic load.  Learn how to unleash your own God-given healing.

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Ginny reveals the true nature and importance of the interaction between the spiritual, psychological, and material aspects of dealing with a health crisis. I highly recommend

her book - Dr. Wallace Henley, author and Senior Associate Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston, TX “I was blessed to be part of Ginny’s care team. I affectionately referred to her as my Rock Star Patient because Ginny educated and empowered herself. The pearls in this book could benefit others greatly in their search for healing and vitality.” — Dr. Kenna Brooke, ND, founder of "In 2010, my oncologist at MD Anderson and these eight steps turned around my stage 4 diagnosis. My oncologist believed my lifestyle changes complemented her efforts. This book

has inspired me to fine-tune my habits so I can make it another ten years and beyond with 'No Evidence of Disease'!" —Anne Buck, Stage 4 aggressive breast cancer survivor “Ginny helped lift my haze of confusion. With a biblical, integrative approach and well-documented research, her book provides a solid game plan for battling cancer and preventing recurrence.” — Jann Barclift, Cancer survivor






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  1. Yes, we can do a lot, but sometimes we can't change what's embedded in our genetic makeup.
    Carol CAssara

    1. That is true. but research hospitals now know that only 10 - 15 percent of cancers are due to genetics. Even if you have the genetic factor, lifestyle changes may stop that gene from being expressed.

  2. Ohmyword, I SO believe this, Carol! Thank you for sharing! Going now to check out that book...

    1. Let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me through my website at