Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Cancer Olympics is Everyone's Worst Nightmare

Dr. Robin McGee is a Registered Clinical Psychologist.  She has taught at the university level and has published in professional journals in the field of child psychology.

Dr. McGee was an active, fit woman in her forties when she developed frightening symptoms.  Four doctors either ignored her complaints or belittled them.  She waited TWO years for a diagnosis and by then, had stage three rectal cancer.

The Cancer Olympics is Robin's account of a gutsy, no-holds-barred middle-aged woman's fight against THREE formidable enemies:
          Late-stage colorectal cancer
          The Medical establishment
          Archaic government policies

The Cancer Olympics illustrates how a support blog for a cancer patient turned into an engine that challenged unfair drug policy. It illustrates how a community of ordinary people, connected by the internet via social media, formed a grassroots movement that tackled the government. And it illustrates how a supportive community can sustain the hope and even the life of those afflicted with catastrophic disease.

The Cancer Olympics was an International Book Award Finalist for Health/Cancer (2015) and a Readers’ Favorite Award Finalist for Grief/Hardship (2015). It was an Association of Independent Authors Book of the Month selection. Half proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Association and the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. It has raised over $4000 for these charities so far.

Fighting cancer

The Cancer Olympics is available from Amazon and Indigo.   Buying from the FriesenPress Bookstore maximizes the donation to cancer support programs. 

Some quotes from independent reviewers:

"A page-turner...genuinely inspiring and uplifting...a David vs Goliath story...part drama, part mystery, part comedy, part suspense, and part research.  A brilliant read and an exceptional well-written story." - The Chronicle Herald, Halifax

"Through her flawless prose and deft narration, readers will find her memoir exceptional and well-written. As harsh as her struggle was, this is not a depressing memoir, but one that gives hope and advocates a patient's rights and well-being. This is a must-read for everyone." - Readers' Favorite

A must-listen interview for anyone who is fighting the medical "system" and needs support 

How To Connect with Dr. Robin McGee

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