Friday, March 4, 2016

Did You Know You Can Love Yourself in Spite of your Abuse?

Maya Hope Kitwana wrote her memoir, Breaking my Silence, to share her powerful story but also in hopes of comforting those who have suffered in silence.  She shares why it is important to:

          Share Your Story
          Forgive Your Abusers 
          Face Your Abusers



Many victims of abuse have a difficult time to forgive but also to love themselves.  They must realize they have NOTHING to be embarrassed or ashamed of -- they were the abused and often just little children.

She offers tips on how to break that cycle of abuse that many families endure.

She shares how your past helps you to be the kind of parent you desire to be.

Her book, Breaking My Silence, is available here or on

Amazon or Indigo

Breaking My Silence tells the story of survival after a troubled childhood of rape, incest, and abandonment. After carrying the weight of her past for over thirty years, Kitwana began therapy and writing in a journal.  This developed into her memoir -  the beginning of her healing process. She hopes to encourage other victims of abuse to take a stand and share their stories. Breaking My Silence is a graphic, yet fearless look at Kitwana’s journey and her movement toward hope, healing, intimacy, and love.
Breaking my silence

Her encouraging and informative interview here:

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