Friday, March 25, 2016

Be Assured: There is Triumph After Pain

Phyllis Clemmons is a best-selling author of several books.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master's in Management, Human Resource Development and Leadership.

In life, each of us has a common goal:  To get through life's challenges, troubles, and trials as if it were a medicine that brings us to a healthy state of being.  A state of being that promotes strength, wisdom, resourcefulness, creativity, determination, and hope.

Phyllis states that it takes those trials to make our lives meaningful, colorful and complete, driving us to be creative, resourceful, determined, hopeful, and open.

Each of her books has a common thread:
  • There is triumph after pain
  • There is a key to unlock every door
  • There is a small voice whispering behind every choice we make  

You will not want to miss her challenging and inspiring interview:

You can purchase Phyllis' best-selling books here:

Spirit to Spirit is a series of short stories sharing what can happen when you listen to the still small voice within and what can happen when you don't.

Kelsey from Pain to Triumph 2nd Edition  Sometimes life just happens!  This is a true story of hope, inspiration and encouragement for every reader. 

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Connect with Phyllis here:

Website:  Inspiration and Love



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