Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Give Yourself Permission to be Real

Jenna Forster is the founder of Women That Lead, an organization designed to help professional women achieve some really groovy things. 

Jenna is an Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author of two books.

Jenna came to a point in her life when she was forced to deal with a physical diagnosis that changed everything.  As a result, she immersed herself into the field of neuroscience and is now a trainer certified in the Study of Brain and Neuroplasticity.

In addition, Jenna is:

  • Executive Coach
  • Leadership Development Expert 
  • Brain Science Expert
  • Director of Operations and Training for the Executive Coaching University
  • Has 13 years of Executive Coaching experience and has trained Executive Coaches in 38 countries
  • Has 11 years of senior level management experience
  • Is classified as one of the Top Executive Coaches worldwide
  • Leading expert in combining Coaching and Neuroscience
  • Passionate about the power of Women 
Here are some of her valuable and challenging quotes that which she explains in her interview:
  • Simplify the complexity
  • STOP....LOOK....and Listen 
  • Give yourself permission to be REAL
  • Take ownership of yourself
  • There is ALWAYS one constant in our lives -- Ourselves
  • Learn how to connect to yourself 
Jenna's Motto:
Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Organizations

Her books, as discussed in her interview, can be purchased by clicking below:

One Woman's Life Lessons To all the women in the world.....our journey initiates us to become the people we are meant to be

This book is to inspire you to simplify your approach, streamline your communication, and work together to achieve the greatness you have always wanted.

You can connect with Jenna here:
Webpage Women that Lead

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