Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Getting Through What You Can't Get Over

Anita Brooks, CPT, CLTF, CCS is someone who MOTIVATES others to dynamic break-throughs.  Blending mind, heart, body, and spirit as an inspirational business/life coach, international speaker, and common trauma expert, she shares HOPE.  

She is a multi-published, award-winning author of the Amazon Best Seller, Getting Through What You Can't Get Over.

There are some things in life people never get over. No matter how much they want to.  Many experience abuse, financial disaster, serious illness, death of loved ones, and other common traumas making them believe they'll never move past the pain, but through research and true story compilations, Anita offers emotional, practical, and spiritual insights from experts and people who have survived intense trauma -- and have made it through seemingly impossible situations.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Reprogramming Your Mind for Success

Ben AmosBen Amos' story will motivate you to break free from negative thinking, depression, and anxiety. When Ben was two years old, he was run over by a drunk driver.  Among many injuries, he suffered a popped lung, broken bones, ruptured spleen and multiple surgeries.

This is the second time I have interviewed Ben Amos.  The first interview, you can also listen to below, was Ben's story from his memoir How To Break Free From Depression, Fear and Anxiety in 30 days - Using Ancient Secrets.   

After Ben's accident, he suffered from seizures, brain damage and bullying by kids for fun.  Depression and suicidal attempts were part of Ben's life until he was able to break free and learn to reprogram his brain.

Ben is now a successful businessman who is involved in the arts; dance, music and theater.  He has also served in various ministerial capacities.  

In his second interview, Ben shares how the mind was designed to be programmed - every day, all day. The problem is that few of us realize it. Bob Proctor says "Habits are not broken; they are

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Conning the Elderly Out of Their Savings

Anita Barney, widow of the former CEO for Wendy's restaurant, is the only child of an alcoholic father, a victim of physical and emotional abuse by her first husband, a breast cancer survivor, and the target of a compulsive gambler and criminal predator.  Anita's honest messages of hope, forgiveness, and second chances will connect with you on many levels.

Anita is a woman who traveled in the 'best' circles.  She had been engaged to Henry Mancini and Perry Como was her neighbor. She was not an ignorant woman but easy prey.

When I saw Anita on the Dr. Phil show, I wanted her to be my guest on Never Ever Give Up Hope. Her story needs to be told.  

Even as cancer claimed her husband's life, Bob ensured his wife was financially secure and left her with chilling advice, “Don’t let a man take all of your money.”

Friday, June 3, 2016

You Have the Potential of Learning to Love Yourself

Marissa Pendlebury is a public health researcher with degrees in nutrition, health sciences (BSc), and psychology (MSs).  

Through her website, Nourishing Routes, she helps individuals develop a positive and compassionate relationships with themselves, with food and exercise, and with other people.

But Marissa's journey was a rocky road of serious eating disorders, anxiety, and deep depression.

When all hope was gone and she had nowhere to turn for help, she discovered how compassion for others could help her heal herself.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

How You Can Beat Cancer Against the Odds

Marion M. Pyle's drive for excellence, artistic creativity, and leadership development have been the life forces propelling her through award-winning ventures in film, television and theater. She has an accomplished career in advertising and public relations as well.

Marion is a media and communications professional. award-winning scriptwriter, producer, director, and television host.

Marion is also a noted seminar leader and university professor of business communication and public speaking.  

In her book, Healed, Healthy & Whole, How We Beat Cancer With Integrative Therapies & Essential Healing Strategies, she recounts the race against time to find a cure for her husband's deadly form of cancer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Do You Believe Truth is Universal?

Pamela Christian
You will find that Pamela Christian's books are very different from what you might expect.  In the first book of the series, she dissects the top five major world religions and New Age. This is to help readers learn the origin and beliefs for each religion to make an educated choice.

Pamela explains that "the world is broken" but what's needed to repair it does exist and is accessible if we are willing to do what it takes.

We must agree that governments, marriage and family, jobs, big business, and real estate markets have failed, including the Church. BUT real and certain hope in life exists.

Depression, suicide thoughts, chemical/alcohol abuse, worry, fear, anxiety can touch each of our lives in some way.  People are starved for hope and truth.  Pamela's book series can offer much to those seeking to understand this entire subject of truth and faith.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Failure is Never an Option

Allison Hill
Allison Hill is an active blogger at Accidentally Allison. Allison's story is one that many people can relate to -- love lost.  She shares about her quest for a long lasting relationship which became a disaster -- more than once.

She wants women to understand relationships and how they affect our self-image and perception.

Listening to her story in the podcast below, one has to applaud her for overcoming many defeats yet she has an attitude of victory.

Allison has been proposed to seven times, married twice and divorced both times.  Her blog is a glimpse into a world that has consistent, unimaginable pain but shows that even in the face of love lost and the shredding of the heart, there can STILL be happiness, hope, and love.  

Failure is Never an Option - Falling Down is But Getting Back Up is a Necessity

Her story is one of Love, Marriage, Divorce, Single Parenthood, Homelessness, Penniless, Tragedy, and Teenage Mental Illness.  She shares her story to help people understand that they are not alone.  No matter what happens, you can overcome just about anything and find a way to laugh in the process.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Struggling With Family Secrets and Broken Relationships?

Martha Ashwell
Martha Ashwell worked as a childcare officer, administrator and support tutor in university education and a counselor.  She is also a member of the long-established writer's group, Manchester Irish Writers.

Her memoir, Celia's Secret: A Journey towards Reconciliation, helped her to analyze and evaluate her life experiences to work through a process of reconciliation.  Broken relationships.

Her story shares the impact family secrets can have on your life.

Are you struggling with the dynamics of a family secret or with broken relationships?

Martha's memoir is full of memorable quotes but the one that sums up the book is Voltaire's, "Love trust and pardon error."