Sunday, August 14, 2016

100 Years from Now, it Will Matter that You Made a Difference in the Life of a Child

Barbara Cohen
Barbara Cohen has a Masters Degree in education and has taught both in elementary school and middle school as a language arts instructor.  She was a writing consultant and has conducted workshops across the U. S.  

Currently, she is a part-time literacy instructor for Marrakech, Inc. - a non-profit organization that owns half-way houses for developmentally handicapped persons.

In her interview, Barbara shares her experiences with foster children and some practical tips for anyone considering becoming a foster parent.

Being a foster parent requires patience, patience, and more patience....but the rewards can be more than you had ever hoped.

From the pitfalls to the joys, Barbara encourages us to consider fostering a child who needs love.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Think Better Thoughts -- Have a Better Future

Donna Kater, an online video course instructor and author, is known as a master in reinventing oneself and is dedicated to helping others, particularly after they have gone through a major life-changing event.

Her professional experience as a college counselor, career counselor, small business owner, and acupuncturist help contribute to her qualifications as a mentor.

Donna is dedicated to helping people survive, come alive, and thrive!


I'm Still Alive, Now What? is her on-line course as well as her book by the same title.  It is designed to assist people in healing after trauma such as divorce, a loved one's passing, car accident, job loss, or a natural disaster.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

They Who Know the Deepest Sorrow, Know the Greatest Joy

ellen mongan
Ellen Mongan is a speaker, blogger and author of over 40 books.  She is the founder of Little Pink Dress Ministry.  She is co-host of the weekly radio show, My Miscarriage Matters and a frequent guest on WBPI Television.  

Ellen describes the journey from trials to triumph as a hike and that it is much easier when you have someone to stand with you who has the GPS.  She helps women to overcome eating disorders, death of a child, date rape, post-partum depression, emotional scars from abuse, or just to be the best they can be in any role.  

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Practical Tips for Anyone Who Has Been Laid Off

Mary Kaarto
Mary Kaarto is the author of two books, Help for the Laid Off and Hope for the Laid Off.  As a single mom for almost 20 years, Mary was inspired to write these books as a help and encouragement to those who have gone through a similar experience.

In her interview, Mary shares PRACTICAL tips on how to survive when you have lost your job.   Each one of us can benefit from these tips, no matter where we are in life.  

She also shares how to cope emotionally when you find yourself in any grave situation.

She is available to answer any questions you may have and to help in any way she can.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

How to Heal Your Past - An Insider's Guide on Relationships

Roxanne Derhodge is a Psychotherapist, Author, and Keynote Speaker whose expertise is in relationships.   Roxanne is a trusted psychotherapist, advisor on many boards and the founder of Roxanne Derhodge Consulting.  

Roxanne previously worked with the Metro Toronto Police assisting crime victims, headed an Addictions Unit with the Niagara Health System, and was involved in corporate consulting.  Roxanne is specialized in many areas of therapy including managing anxiety/depression, domestic violence, and divorce.

"Don't allow stressors to RUN you.  You take control and run them!"

Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to Turn Your Pain into Power

Doreen Hanna is passionate to fulfill her mission statement. She looks for every opportunity to guide women, of all ages, on a journey to discover their princess within and embrace the life of royalty they have been called to live!

As the Founder & President of Treasured Celebrations, she enthusiastically continues to encourage moms and mentors to become influential leaders. 

Unwanted by her father, she knew the pain of rejection for 18 years.  Marrying at 19, she wanted to prove to her father she was worthy of love.  However, she quickly discovered that the man of her dreams was an alcoholic.          

Life brought many trials for Doreen including a financial crisis, the molestation of her daughter and Doreen's father threatening her husband's life.

How did she survive? 
 She shares how she turned her PAIN into POWER    

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Getting Through What You Can't Get Over

Anita Brooks, CPT, CLTF, CCS is someone who MOTIVATES others to dynamic break-throughs.  Blending mind, heart, body, and spirit as an inspirational business/life coach, international speaker, and common trauma expert, she shares HOPE.  

She is a multi-published, award-winning author of the Amazon Best Seller, Getting Through What You Can't Get Over.

There are some things in life people never get over. No matter how much they want to.  Many experience abuse, financial disaster, serious illness, death of loved ones, and other common traumas making them believe they'll never move past the pain, but through research and true story compilations, Anita offers emotional, practical, and spiritual insights from experts and people who have survived intense trauma -- and have made it through seemingly impossible situations.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Reprogramming Your Mind for Success

Ben AmosBen Amos' story will motivate you to break free from negative thinking, depression, and anxiety. When Ben was two years old, he was run over by a drunk driver.  Among many injuries, he suffered a popped lung, broken bones, ruptured spleen and multiple surgeries.

This is the second time I have interviewed Ben Amos.  The first interview, you can also listen to below, was Ben's story from his memoir How To Break Free From Depression, Fear and Anxiety in 30 days - Using Ancient Secrets.   

After Ben's accident, he suffered from seizures, brain damage and bullying by kids for fun.  Depression and suicidal attempts were part of Ben's life until he was able to break free and learn to reprogram his brain.

Ben is now a successful businessman who is involved in the arts; dance, music and theater.  He has also served in various ministerial capacities.  

In his second interview, Ben shares how the mind was designed to be programmed - every day, all day. The problem is that few of us realize it. Bob Proctor says "Habits are not broken; they are