Saturday, April 2, 2016

How to Save Money on Things We Use Everyday

Denise Seegobin is a blogger who teaches people how to save money on items we use every day. Her blog's focus is on ways to spend smarter and how to harness your creativity. She also works with companies in reviewing products and sharing those findings with social media, including giveaways.

Denise knows the pain of losing your family.  Her parents died suddenly and then she lost her younger sister and her best friend.  When asked how she coped with that, Denise said "I got my strength in knowing that they would not want me to give up. That no matter how many trials and tribulations, we have, life is a gift and we have to honor it by being the best we can be."

Denise loves researching and her blog is all about how to save YOU money.  She will research products for you and has dozens of products on her website she has researched for the best price and sometimes, free GIVEAWAYS.

You may connect with Denise here:

Website -- Money Saving Tips
You Tube

Here is her informative interview about her website and she also shares her incredible story of tenacity and strength through trauma:

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