Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Were You Part of A Drug Company's Dirty Little Secret?

Shirley Ledlie

Shirley Ledlie wrote her memoir, Naked in the Wind -Chemo, Hair loss, and Deceit as a result of an unexpected battle she had to fight.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 47 and won the battle against the disease. BUT, after her treatment ended Shirley found herself in another seven-year battle with doctors and a drug company.

Shirley Ledlie had an unstoppable determination to win her conflict as she uncovered the truth about a little-known side-effect of a cancer treatment drug, Taxotere.

Shirley's memoir is about lies, betrayal and how she became part of a dirty little secret.  It has affected hundreds of women all over the world and is still going on today. 

Whistleblowers, irrational behavior, and some madness -- it is all in her memoir.  It is humorous and inspiring in part and also desperate in others.
Shirley's Motto:  If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.
Shirley's books can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here 

Naked in the wind

Her interview will make you want to shout for justice from the rooftops.  Listen here:

You can connect with Shirley here:

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