Monday, April 4, 2016

Love and Redemption: Overcoming Guilt and Moving On

Maggie Romero
Maggie C. Romero, M.A., taught English as a Second Language in northern Virginia for seventeen years. She and her partner retired from full-time teaching and moved to New Mexico where they have lived since 2009. Maggie is a member of SouthWest Writers, Story Circle Network, based in Austin, Texas, and National Association of Memoir Writers.

Maggie knows the pain of addiction and in this interview will bring awareness to a subject many don't want to discuss.  Yet, it is around us wherever we look.  It can affect any one of us.  Rich or poor, educated or not, it can strike anywhere.

Maggie shares her daughter's story. Before addiction, Angie was a world-class gymnast, a gifted artist and graduated from university with a B.A. in Journalism. But at 21, it all fell apart.

Maggie's purpose in writing her story was to heal from losing her daughter, Angie, to the Living Death of Heroin Addiction. She was determined to save her child from addiction and bankrupted herself in the effort to do so, had a breakdown and was forced into early retirement.

In the words of Jenny Jerome (Churchill)...

"Life is not always what one wants it to be. 

 But to make the best of it as it is, is the only way of being happy"

A Mother’s Story

A Mother’s Story is a searing and intimate portrait of addiction and how it has been passed down in Maggie Romero’s family from generation to generation. Maggie is herself an addict, and when Angie’s drug addiction, at age twenty-two, became apparent to her, she jumped into a recovery program to cope with her daughter’s illness. The subsequent thirteen years have proven to be a powerful and poignant redemption journey, as she has gradually come to claim recovery for herself even as she’s watched her beautiful daughter continue to struggle. 

This award-winning memoir is a story of hope and recovery that will resonate with many people as epidemic as addiction is in our society. 

The book is brutally honest and leaves very little to the imagination. Available on Amazon by clicking here.

Maggie Romero

You can connect with Maggie on her website and recovery blog by clicking here  She would love to hear your story!

Check out her active group on Facebook called

If you know anyone who has been affected by drug addiction in any form, you need to listen to Maggie's interview.  

Here are a few of the awards Maggie's book has received:

1. Finalist, USA Best Book Awards (Women's Issues) 11/2014 (
2. Honorable Mention, The Great Southwest Book Festival (General Nonfiction) 2/2015 (
3. Winner, International Book Awards (Health: Addiction and Recovery) 5/2015 (
4. Finalist, New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards (Nonfiction) 9/2015 (
5. Second Place, Bi-monthly contest for best blogs ("My Life As Pentimento"), 11/2015 (www.southWest

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