Saturday, April 9, 2016

If You Have Been Bullied - You Are Not Alone

Meredith O'Connor
Teen Idol and pop star Meredith O'Connor is an anti-bullying icon who first rose to fame when her debut single "Celebrity" went viral on Youtube with over two million views the first two months of its release. 

It became a radio favorite, bringing her a fan base which became a cult-like following once she had established her anti-bullying platform. 

Her song "The Game," has touched the lives of thousands throughout the world, landing her a ten city tour as a headlining act for venues and schools.  Her next hit song "Just The Thing" was released on VEVO and Teen Nick gaining popularity on 17 radio stations in New York and over 400,000 views on VEVO. 

Her album is available on iTunes by clicking here 

If you know anyone, especially teens, who have been the victims of bullying they need to connect with Meredith, listen to her gripping interview and download her songs.  
Her passion is helping those who suffer from self-hatred or low self-esteem.  She wants you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  

You can connect with Meredith here:

Meredith's energetic interview is here.... you will fall in love with her, her energy and will appreciate her passion

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