Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Are You Destined For Success?

Carol Graham
I am so excited to bring you a show sharing stories of everyday people who refused to GIVE UP. Everyone has a story -- here's an opportunity to share yours!

Most people succeed because they are determined to – I'm one of those people – how about you? Are you destined for success?

I am an author, radio talk show host, health coach, motivational speaker, blogger, businesswoman.

I overcame insurmountable circumstances that would cause most people to just give up and quit but didn't! After publishing my memoir, Battered Hope – I became an active blogger and was introduced to hundreds of people who have incredible stories -- choosing to be a victor instead of a victim.

Dog Rescuer

I am passionate about sharing their stories. There are a few other things I am passionate about. I rescue dogs and my blog shares a lot of humorous, heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories of what it was like to rescue 30 dogs.

Health Coach

I am passionate about health and work as a health coach teaching people how to build and maintain a strong immunity. Over 40 years ago I was given 2 years to live – I found my own cure and I'm still here.
Motivational Speaker

I am passionate about public speaking and travel extensively sharing my inspirational life story. I may have walked where you have walked. I know the pain of losing a child. I understand the stress of trying to adopt a child. I have been kidnaped, raped and left for dead. My husband and I lost the business we built from nothing to corrupt partners. My husband was falsely accused of white collar crime and had to serve time. He also was in a car accident that left him disabled, over 20 years ago.

Love, Family, and Faith

I am passionate about love, family and my faith in God. I would never have made it through many years of trauma without my faith.

I am passionate about humor and strongly believe that laughter can get you through almost anything.

My Guests

My guests come from all walks of life and each one of them will share their life lessons with you on how they transformed their lives. Many of their stories are unbelievable but TRUE. They will give you their secrets to success and a message of hope, encouragement and inspiration.

I will be broadcasting at least two shows a week and I hope that you will find encouragement, humor, and secrets to success from each of my guests.

Nothing is off limits on my show. If you have a story to share – contact me. I would love to hear it. PLEASE contact me.

BIG FAVOR: Please subscribe to my show, please RATE the episode you listen to and leave a five-star review!  There will be a new show every day for the first month or so and then it will be twice a week.  

Remember, if you're alive and breathing – there is always hope

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