Thursday, July 2, 2015

Luck isn't Given to You - You Earn it

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Daniel Blanchard grew up in East Hartford under rough conditions.  He learned how to fight on the street and later used that knowledge to become a state champion wrestler.

He has seven degrees in education and was picked by the American Federation as the voice of educational reform.  He is an award-winning author, speaker, and educator.

As a teacher and coach for teenagers, he drives life lessons into them.  He teaches them how to succeed in an imperfect world and never give up on their dreams. He is a key factor in helping them change their lives.

His interview will touch your heart and motivate you to get to know your teenagers on a new level - and relate to them!

Feeling Lucky? is about a teen struggling with life in a violent and frustrating world.  He's trying to do what he can, but he's angry about the hand life has dealt him.  Then, out of the blue, his estranged and mysterious Granddaddy stops by to see him.  They go for a walk in the park and for one stormy and magical afternoon, Granddaddy talks about being a former WWII fighter pilot, about the past, his famous friends, and how he escaped a meaningless life.

You won't want to miss his story - especially if you have teenagers in your life.

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