Saturday, July 18, 2015

Are You Digging Your Grave with a Fork?

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Neale Bacon is a ventriloquist, performer and motivational speaker.  

After spending most of his life on quick-fix diets and eating food he did not like, he realized he had to make some changes.

Dealing with fat prejudice and depression, the wake up call came when his children were terrified they would lose their father if he didn't do something.  

Neale is now 185 pounds lighter and wants to give you tips and motivation to accomplish your goals.

In the words of Richard Simmons "Like yourself!  Don't wait until you lose weight to like yourself.  After you lose weight you are a smaller version of the same person."

You won't want to miss this if you are trying to lose weight.......

Listen to Neale's story here along with helpful tips and advice:

Ask Neale about his seminars "What's Eating You?"

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Twitter @nealebacon

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