Friday, July 3, 2015

Success Equals Consistency

Daisy Yu grew up in Beijing, China.  She was born with a severe disability due to medical error and her chances of walking or even living were slim.

Daisy was the brunt of harsh and cruel words from bullies. She battled serious depression and suicide attempts.  But through sheer tenacity she was determined to walk normally, to change her life and make her destiny become a reality.  She NEVER EVER GAVE UP. 

Here is her uplifting story.

Daisy wrote her compelling memoir, A Girl that was to Sell Soy Sauce and she is now a motivational speaker who encourages us with her message: Miracles DO happen.

Her website Living Happy and Healthy the Chinese Way will give you tips on changing your lifestyle to realize better health.

Her formula for achievement is:  Success Equals Consistency - NEVER give up.

Listen to her uplifting story -- it is one in a million

You may contact Daisy here:

Twitter @DaisyYu_Speaks

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